By: Delanee Ensley

There are so many different kinds of manicures out there today, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Well, look no further, here are some of the best and most popular manicures today!

  1. Basic: The basic manicure consists of a clip, file, and basic cuticle maintenance. Though there is nothing particularly fancy about a basic manicure, they can be cheaper and more practical if you intend to get multiple manicures a month. Basic manicures can also be done at home instead of going to the salon, nail polish can be found almost everywhere!
  2. Dip: This manicure has become one of the more popular ones. This manicure involves a longer process than a basic manicure because instead of using regular polish, dip powder is used. The benefit of a dip manicure is that it’s longer-lasting, durable, and can be done at home!
  3. Gel: Gel manicures are similar to a dip manicure, however instead of dip powder it’s a gel-based polish that uses a UV light to set it. This manicure is great because it lasts longer than a basic manicure, and does not chip as easily. However ,the downside to this type of manicure is that it’s not easily done at home, so you need to go to a nail salon to be able to get the manicure, and remove the gel polish.
  4. Shellac: Shellac manicures and gel manicures are very similar in nature. While a gel manicure uses a gel-based polish, shellac manicures have a different kind of shellac-based polish. Both of the manicures are finished off with a UV light. The difference between the two are that gel manicures tend to last longer, but shellac removal is better for your nails. Unfortunately, this does not mean much, a dip, gel, and shellac manicures can and tend to, weaken the nail beds.
  5. Press-on: Press-on nails can be the go-to when attending a one-day event or a wedding, however, they are not meant to be long-lasting. Depending on where you get your press-on nails and what kind of nail glue you use, they tend to only last two weeks tops. Press-on nails can also be tricky, because it really depends on the quality of the fake nail. There are some kinds that you can get cheap at the drug store, but there are also salon-grade press-on nails. It really depends on the kind of money you want to spend, and how devoted you are to the upkeep.

These five types of manicures are probably the most popular right now. Though they are similar in some ways, it’s important to understand the differences to figure out which one is best for you. Something important before you commit to any of the manicures above is to research salons before deciding on them; some salons care more than others. Your nails deserve the best!