By: Delanee Ensley

Thrifting is a great way to reduce clothing waste, but it’s hard to do it conveniently when you have to go shopping in-person. However, there is a solution! These clothing websites are the best places to thrift online.

  1. ThredUp: ThredUp is like your favorite thrift store, but it’s all online! This online store is dedicated to helping to reduce the waste from clothing pollution. Giving clothing a new life instead of throwing it out is a great way to save the planet, but also get new clothes without breaking the bank. ThredUp sends out bags free of charge for you to fill and send back to them! They then sort through them and decide which things they can sell, and those they can’t donate, or you can pay for them to send the items back to you. When your items do sell they will give a percentage of the profits, and you can use this money to shop for more clothes that are new to you! If you want to just shop there are over 900 brands you can look at, including designer brands. To learn more about ThredUp, click on the link above!
  2. Mercari: Mercari is a great and easy way to find and buy thrift store finds online! Though Mercari has a great selection of fashion finds, that’s not all they offer, they have categories for anything you might need! Mercari also has a new feature where you can shop locally with other people, and meet up with them so you don’t have to wait!
  3. Poshmark: Poshmark is very similar to Mercari, except it’s just clothes and there are no local meet ups. However, Poshmark does allow you to speak with the seller very easily, and allows you to bundle multiple items from a person’s closet so that you can save on shipping! Poshmark is also very seller friendly, and easy to use as well!

Though there aren’t as many online thrift stores or shopping platforms, it’s important to realize the waste impact we have on our planet, and how we can all do our part with something as little as clothing. eBay and Facebook Marketplace are two sites that are similar to the ones listed above if you need more options. Think about thrifting next time you need a new pair of jeans or sweater, though it might not be as convenient, it keeps clothing pollution a little smaller.