By: Delanee Ensley

I’m going to start this by saying that unfortunately there is no real story here. Sometimes these mysteries don’t have a real ending, and are just about discovering who they were, and getting the story out so people don’t forget about them. This person could be a sister, daughter, possibly even a mother, and they just disappeared with no real conclusion. These stories are the most important, reuniting a family with the knowledge of someone they thought were just lost, it lets them have closure. At the end of the information I’m sharing with you all I have put tiplines below in case you know anything about who this young female is.

The information I have found comes from the FBI Missing Persons Database and The Doe Network. The Doe Network is important because it allows people to keep searching, and is always coming up with new information so that every story never has to stay a cold case.

Who: Perry County Jane Doe

When: June 20, 1979

Age: 15 – 38 years old

Race: White

Gender: Female

Identifying Features: Healed fracture to the midshaft of the 9th rib

Cause of Death: Suspected Homicide

Her skeletal remains were found on an embankment between the eastbound lanes of Route 22/322 and the Juniata River in Watts Township, Perry County, Pennsylvania. She was found with jewelry by Navajo/ Zuni that were thought to have originated from the New Mexico region. In 2008 her remains were exhumed to collect DNA. Collection was successful. She was wearing blue knit twill pants, a white blouse, and a dark blue ribbed tank top. Doe’s jacket was a black button down style with a zip on the right upper pocket, and she was wearing a white or tan bra, A cup. Her shoes were white buckle leather shoes.

Unfortunately this is about all we know until someone comes forward with information or we have DNA to match. If you know anything, say something, help this girl and her family find some peace. If you have any information, submit a tip here!