By: Delanee Ensley

Hey all! I’m happy to say that I am back and ready to start Peony Publishing back up. Thank you for so graciously accepting my break, I just needed some time to refresh and rejuvenate. Turns out it’s a little more difficult then one might think to run/write for a website.

During the month and a half that I was away I have adventured and accomplished things for myself that I am happy to say have changed me. I appreciate the knowledge that I have gained from putting myself out there instead of hiding away from change (my usual move).

Since getting back from Europe I have been applying to jobs in my field and working at Starbucks in a leadership position. I am happy to see where this will take me, and what new experiences and learning opportunities I will be able to grasp along the way.

At the moment I am working on a ‘I’m Back!’ part 2, companion piece, that will be out sometime this month which will discuss my European trip and will showcase some photos that I took along the way.  Thank you again to all of those who have stayed with me and my website thus far. I am working on some new articles that I am excited to share, and I hope you are excited to read them. If you have any suggestions or questions for me, as always, feel free to email them to me here! Hope you all had a great summer, and remember to Bloom Brightly!