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Stay-Cation Ideas — June 15, 2022

Stay-Cation Ideas

By: Delanee Ensley

Vacations can be expensive or you might just be too busy to take one,  but there are other options out there! Below are a list of stay-cation ideas that you can either do in your town or at home without breaking the bank!

Backyard Camping

Who says you have to travel far to enjoy the great outdoors? Camping is nice, but sometimes you just want or need to stay close to home as well. Well backyard camping is a great solution to both of these! Just grab your tent and sleeping bags and set up in the backyard. You can take the break you need without the stress of planning or the stress on your wallet!

Spa Days

For this fun adventure all you need is your favorite relaxation elements, and maybe a couple friends if you want to get a massage train going! Try looking up some fun sugar scrubs or DIY spa day bubble baths and then just lay back, relax, and let the stress seep out during your mini vacation!

Local Outdoors Spots

No matter where you live, every town or city has that memorable outdoor spot, and if you don’t know where yours is, it’s time to find it! Finding this local treasure can inspire you to visit the great outdoors more, and maybe even be the best relaxation place for you!

Scavenger Hunts

Though this type of stay-cation takes a little more time then some, it gives you and your vacation pals a change of scenery and adventure. A scavenger hunt takes some planning, so get together with your friends and decide where you would like to have the hunt, and what theme it should be. From there decide who will do what so that it can be kept a surprise. Happy hunting!

Road Trip to a Neighboring Town

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and bubble and see what’s around you! Just because you aren’t going to a different country or state doesn’t mean you can’t see some new scenery. Look up towns near you, and see what local shops, scenery, or events they have going on, and then just make a list of a few that you want to see!

Just because you’re not going on a big trip or vacation this year doesn’t mean you can’t spend some time with the ones you love, or just to take some personal time. There are so many options around us for us to not take advantage of them!