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Fair Skin in the Summer — June 23, 2022

Fair Skin in the Summer

By: Delanee Ensley

As someone who lives with fair skin and burns super easy, I understand the struggle of the sun. Here are some tips and tricks for those who struggle with their fair skin!

Sunscreen: Though this might seem like an obvious one, not everyone uses the right type of sunscreen for their skin. It’s important for all of us to do our research into sunscreen, and when we do find the right one for us to apply it every hour!

Beach Hat: Who doesn’t love a beach hat? Not only are big, floppy hats making a comeback but they also protect your face from the sun! Bucket hats are also a fun solution to your sun problems for everyday use, not just beachwear. Sometimes when you can’t find shade, you have to make your own!

Limit Tanning Time: Though we all love the sun-kissed glow of an afternoon in the sun, it can be extremely harmful to your skin. No matter how much sunscreen you apply there are harmful rays that may lead to sun cancer. If you can’t give up your tanning time, maybe limit it to an hour once a week instead of multiple hours a day.

Linen Clothing: Though summer can be hot and sweaty it’s important to keep our skin covered and safe! Linen clothing is light and comfortable on your skin so it doesn’t drag you down or add extra sweat to your life!

I hope these tips and tricks help those of you with fair skin. The struggle can be real, but there are  remedies and solutions to help those of us who struggle just a bit more than the rest of the population!